The Cecil

Place: Guringai / Fairlight NSW

Status: Built

Team: Bridie Gough, Ondrej Hromadko

Town Planner: BBF

Contractor: Sydcon Projects

Photography: Simon Whitbread

Inspired by its context, this duplex takes a fresh approach on a corner site. The locality is a well established zone with a characteristic triangular gable from early 20th century, a typology that is reflected in the design with the combination of contemporary detailing. The layout and orientation on site strikes the fine line between opening up and privacy, embracing unexpected views on the first floor and providing apt outdoor living areas.

The design detailing was fine tuned in collaboration with the principal contractor, Sydcon Projects. This includes well-detailed vegetated green roofs over the ground floor living area of both homes, which – apart from softening the form – help to reduce thermal loads and minimizing reflections into the first floor.