Welcome to Platform Architects, where creativity meets sustainability. Our studio is more than just a group of professionals – we’re a family united by a passion for architectural excellence and a commitment to environmental sustainability. Located in Manly – on Sydney’s Northern Beaches, our open-minded approach allows us to collaborate seamlessly, ensuring that each project benefits from a diverse range of perspectives.

We are dedicated to achieving the best results for our clients, prioritizing their unique visions and needs. At Platform Architects, we believe in creating spaces that not only fulfill aesthetic and functional requirements but also contribute to a greener, more sustainable future. Our studio focusses on the growth of our people to ensure we keep up with market trends, legislative changes, codes, controls and all the ‘other stuff’ that underpins our creative solutions.

We pride ourselves on the strong and lasting relationships we have forged since Platform Architects was founded in 2013, and we appreciate that our success is a reflection of our clients success.

Meet the Team

We embrace the spirit of FAMILY at PA. Fostering a culture of mutual support, respect, and care. Our commitment extends beyond the workplace, creating a close-knit family that values each member’s well-being and growth. This collaborative environment enhances both professional and personal development, driving our collective success and positively impacting our architectural endeavours. This value strengthens our team internally and creates a sense of comfort and belonging for our clients, who we believe, become an extension of the PA family.

We nurture a culture of CONTINUOUS LEARNING and curiosity. Recognizing the essential nature of personal and professional development, our commitment takes a comprehensive approach. Encouraging each team member to actively participate in their growth plan contributes to the collective advancement of our practice. By committing to a culture of curiosity, we ensure that our work meets current standards and pioneers the future of architecture.

SUSTAINABILITY drives every aspect of our studio – the processes we follow, the people we connect with and the projects we create. Our belief in contributing positively to the environment guides us to create spaces that hold lasting value and successful outcomes which not only leave a positive legacy within the built environment but also strengthen our relationships with all involved.