Place: Guringai / Manly NSW

Status: Built

Team: Bridie Gough, Elisa De Cecchi, Ondrej Hromadko

Contractor: Hutchinson Builders


Immerse yourself in The Porteño, where modern coastal house vibes seamlessly blend into an urban apartment setting. Our interiors are meticulously crafted, a direct response to our client’s marketing vision tailored for a specific audience. Unlike merely focusing on kitchens and ensuites, we’ve dedicated our design efforts to every inch of your living space.

From carefully designed entryways and TV joineries to meticulously planned wardrobes, laundries, and luxurious soft furnishings, we’ve elevated every interior element. Imbued with high-quality natural finishes exceeding industry standards, our apartments guarantee a heightened sense of place and belonging for every occupant. Step into The Porteño and experience a residence that transcends the ordinary.

Successful development outcomes require highly efficient spaces that meet the target market, and buildings that are construction and cost efficient, whilst maintaining quality. 

Platform Architects are a core member of DA Properties development CONSULTANT team as they lead design interpretation of target market needs and work collaboratively with OUR other core consultants and contractors to optimize our development outcomes. 

David Allen – DA Properties