NSW Gov’t Missing Middle Design Competition Winner

For this proposal, Platform was awarded the WINNER of the terrace house category in the NSW Government Missing Middle Design Competition.
The proposal sought to reclaim the front yard of suburbia for recreational purposes by relocating parking to a shared area at the rear of the site. The idea of redundant front yards is something becoming too prevalent in modern communities and our proposal sought to promote the front yard as a place for interaction, connection, engagement, surveillance, and activation which in turn results in a greater sense of community and pride of place. The proposal was praised for its balance of private, shared and public spaces throughout the development. The proposed scheme is applicable to a variety of sites and orientations, ensuring a flexible and generously sized dwelling that caters to a modern family’s varied needs.



This design challenges the way garages and driveways dominate the streetscape of the Australian suburb. Instead of providing a street-front garage for each individual dwelling, the design looks towards the traditional carriage-house model that provided a single shared access way to the rear of the site. Four terrace houses are arranged to share a common central driveway that allows cars to be parked at the back. Rear garages fank the paved driveway area that can be doubled up for use by all residents for play and recreation. Frida Blomqvist