Hillside House Interior

Place: Guringai / Balgowlah NSW

Status: Under Construction

Team: Bridie Gough, Elisa De Cecchi, Marcos Tapia, Ondrej Hromadko

Town Planner: BBF


This home sits on the side of a steep, east facing hill and peaks over the tree canopy to the harbour views beyond. The form cascades down in a series of box elements – in a combination of concrete and charred timber cladding.

The central lightwell over the dining area introduces light into the depth of the home whilst the articulated facade allows for moments of light to enter each space.

The interiors aim to lead the occupants through the house and connect the floors of the home with the covered entertaining area and the pool and landscape beyond. The clients are a growing family of 5 and as such the home is able to function as a multi generational home with different zones for different people at different times.

Sand Dune House Interior

Place: Worimi / Boomerang Beach NSW

Status: Under Construction

Team: Bridie Gough, Renata Berger, Marcos Tapia, Elisa De Cecchi, Juan Filizzola, Ondrej Hromadko

Town Planner: Swift Planning

Contractor: J Moore Builders


Sand Dune House is aptly named as it rests atop the dunes of Boomerang Beach.

It has been designed for a Sydney based couple who’s growing family come together often at the beach house. Therefore the home needed to be able to accommodate a swell of people at numerous times throughout the year. Our design response to this includes – Operable walls allowing spaces to grow and shrink as required, spaces that can spill outdoors and that connect from front to rear, materials that are hardy and easy to maintain and also smaller gestures in the home for quieter times, where a book can be enjoyed in the afternoon sun, out of the wind.

The Aussie coast can be harsh as well as stunningly beautiful – so the design of the home had to include a consideration for wind shelter, sun control, longevity of materials and sustainability initiatives as well as appreciation of the views to the surrounding natural landscape.


Place: Guringai / Manly NSW

Status: Built

Team: Bridie Gough, Elisa De Cecchi, Ondrej Hromadko

Contractor: Hutchinson Builders


Immerse yourself in The Porteño, where modern coastal house vibes seamlessly blend into an urban apartment setting. Our interiors are meticulously crafted, a direct response to our client’s marketing vision tailored for a specific audience. Unlike merely focusing on kitchens and ensuites, we’ve dedicated our design efforts to every inch of your living space.

From carefully designed entryways and TV joineries to meticulously planned wardrobes, laundries, and luxurious soft furnishings, we’ve elevated every interior element. Imbued with high-quality natural finishes exceeding industry standards, our apartments guarantee a heightened sense of place and belonging for every occupant. Step into The Porteño and experience a residence that transcends the ordinary.

Ebony House interior

Location: Guringai / Manly NSW

Status: Under Construction

Team: Bridie Gough, Elisa De Cecchi, Camila Ortiga, Massimo De Faveri

Town Planner: BBF

Contractor: Mallinger Constructions


The generous scale and clean lines of the home’s structure allow an abundance of natural light. A series of crafted gestures invite the outside in, creating welcomed calming moments for the family to enjoy whilst the dynamic play of volume creates excitement and surprise.

A palette of white painted bricks, sandstone cladding, rustic timber floorboards, soft timber veneer tones and sophisticated minimal glass doors ensure a strong building to landscape connection.

Upper Clifford Ave Interior

Place: Guringai / Fairlight NSW

Status: Built

Team: Bridie Gough, Elisa De Cecchi, Ondrej Hromadko

Town Planner: BBF

Contractor: TQM

Photography: Elisa De Cecchi

This multi dwelling proposal was perhaps the quickest DA approval we have had.

The built form follows the contours of the landscape as it falls from north to south by some 25m.

Each dwelling has private lift access and is arranged across 2 levels, which ensures each room appreciates the views across Sydney Harbour and out to the heads.

Maximizing the GFA on the site whilst still providing for generous landscaped areas resulted in two pavilions. A class 1 dwelling at the top and 2 x class 2 apartments at the lower end which also allowed for less excavation, a softer footprint and generous north facing courtyards to two of the dwellings.

Finn Interior

Year: 2023

Location: North Steyne / Manly NSW

Status: Approved- Design Development

Team: Bridie Gough, Sofia Faur, Elisa De Cecchi

Town Planner: Ethos Urban

Client: Lindsay Bennelong

CGI: Third Aesthetic



Finn is a collection of five full floor residences, situated along the foreshore of the world-renowned Manly Beach. It was granted approval through Northern Beaches Council, despite having both a height and FSR breach. The skillful design ensured a seamless contextual fit, contributing to a more sustainable beach front architectural language.

Drawing inspiration from the natural elements surrounding the site, the organic lines of the building mimic the waves and the sand, while the use of natural materials and sustainable design principles pay homage to the coastal environment. The fabric-like element wraps the northern facade and provides not only visual interest but also addresses privacy and solar control to the residences.

We worked closely with the clients on this one – again proving that a strong collaborative approach leads to great outcomes.

Newstead Flats Interior

Place: Guringai / Manly NSW

Status: Completed

Team: Bridie Gough, Frida Blomqvist

Town Planner: BBF

Heritage Consultancy: Architectural Projects

Contractor: Nazero



Nestled on the isthmus of Manly, this building is connecting the heritage of Manly with the future fabric of the area. Curved brickwork are reminiscent of the art deco buildings on the street whilst being contemporary in bond and detailing. 

With a light and beachy palette, the apartments and building design ties in with the sand and the natural environment. Dual aspect apartments allow for cross flow and ample natural light.