PEOPLE - Platform Architects
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Bridie Gough


Director/Nominated Architect 8280


Bridie’s experience in multi unit residential developments is significant and she has been pivotal in the design, approvals and construction of many successful projects. Bridie is involved in all of Platform Architects projects which ensures a consistency in what they deliver and the quality of the client/architect relationship.

Elisa De Cecchi


Senior Designer


Elisa has been with Platform Architects since it began. She has worked along side Bridie on many projects which has led to a really nice synergy in how they deliver a project. She is also the go to person for the interior design services we provide as she has a strong understanding of colour, style and space.

Ondrej Hromadko




Ondrej brings a young, creative energy to Platform Architects. He is passionate about design integrity and his work considers both the bigger picture ideas as well as the finer detailing required to ensure our architectural concepts come to fruition.

Frida Blomqvist




Frida came to Platform Architects with extensive experience in multi unit developments. She is thorough in her understanding of the codes and controls and is able to apply them in creative and original ways to ensure the design outcomes are feasible and are of maximum benefit to the client.