Missing Middle - Platform Architects
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Missing Middle

Open design competition entr​y

Castle Hill, NSW



Australian suburbs have typically been developed around the family car/s, with garages dominating the streetscape. The front yard has subsequently been degraded to hard surface or a driveway, lacking any human activity along the street edge. The typology of narrow lots does not leave much room for any habitable space facing the street on the ground floor, and more often than not living spaces are oriented towards the rear.


Our main concept was to remove the garages from the street front and thus reclaim the front yard for recreational purposes, to provide for an articulated and activated streetscape. It reintroduces the opportunity for passive surveillance and neighbourhood interaction. A central common driveway that leads to the rear garages is flanked by two mirrored terrace houses on either side, one three bedroom + study house and one four bedroom house, leaving the front of each reserved for habitable rooms.