Astrolabe - Platform Architects
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Astrolabe Park


Concept Master Plan

Daceyville, NSW

Budget approx. $80m


Platform explored a unique concept of a mixed use lifestyle and entertainment hub. While the founding idea of the master plan is to provide a perfect facility for hosting major events like World Championship, it would also provide a permanent base for the AIS beach volleyball program athletes.


At the center of the proposed master plan stands a multi-sport arena with approximately 6500 seats and a retractable roof. The design provides for a variety of sport formats including basketball & netball, tennis and beach/indoor volleyball, while it also serves as a venue for concerts and shows. The seven storey structure wrapped around the stadium includes shops and cafes on the ground floor, five floors of hotel/backpacker style accommodation and the top floor reserved for corporate suites and lobbies; ensuring the long-term feasibility of such a facility.

The proposal aims to enhance the quality of life of local residents by providing an extraordinary level of amenity, active lifestyle, employment opportunities and places for the community to gather, both outside and inside.